Pre-Conference Workshops

The pre-conference workshops are not included in the conference activities. If you would like to attend one of the two workshops, you must register and pay for this separately to the conference. Please click here to download the registration form in PDF format.

1 Day Workshops - Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Decision-Making Supported by Epidemiology and First Nations Health Determinants

The information and knowledge take away from this workshop will improve participants’ understanding of how health determinants and epidemiology will assist to reveal what all First Nation health managers and their communities need to know to guide the planning, development, delivery and evaluation of community health services.
This workshop will be of interest to First Nation health managers who want to learn more about:

  • The concept of health determinants and how they are related to health outcomes from a First Nation perspective;
  • The relationship between determinants and the development of healthy community policies;
  • How a ‘determinants approach’ can be applied when planning, seeking funding, administering and reporting on programs to both leadership and the communities;
  • The basics of epidemiology;
  • The role of epidemiologists in First Nation communities. This will include learning about how they examine, analyze and report on outbreaks and chronic diseases; the health impacts of disasters; and environmental health issues in First Nation and non-First Nation communities; and
  • How to apply epidemiological evidence in the development of health policies and programs.

Participants will work with scenarios to gain a greater understanding as to how decision-making can be improved with epidemiology and health determinants.

The Culture of Negotiating

Have you ever needed to negotiate with leadership, your staff, or government contacts? How are your negotiating skills?
Every health manager needs to be an effective negotiator!
Does culture affect how we negotiate?
Absolutely, how people approach negotiating reflects what they’ve learned from their culture and their environment!
What assumptions did you make?
Understanding assumptions (yours and theirs) can make you a more effective negotiator!
Using a blend of large and small group discussion and applying scenarios, this interactive workshop will explore:

  • Elements of culture and discuss how they might affect your approach to negotiating.
  • Understanding your own assumptions and those with whom you work.
  • Different types of negotiations and what skills would help in each situation.
  • Tools that can help you negotiate more effectively.
  • Using culturally-based strengths to enhance your negotiating skills.

Participants will gain a greater understanding of their own negotiating style and assumptions and will leave empowered with tools to help them be more effective negotiators.

Please click here to download the registration form in PDF format.