Opening Reception - Tuesday November 3, 2015
Entertainment to be confirmed.


Certified First Nations Health Manager (CFNHM) Convocation and Awards Banquet - Wednesday November 4, 2015

Buffalo Hat Singers

Post-dinner - Midnight Renegade
Midnight Renegade is an Indigenous country rock band that is taking Montreal and Canada by storm! This five piece band has unbreakable chemistry and they know how to have fun and always know how to bring the house down.

The band plays many different types of songs from country, country rock, rock n roll, blues, jazz and a whole lot more! They have come a long way since the beginning and are constantly improving and updating their repertoire. They have also composed five originals and are in the process of continuing to do so in order to complete an in-studio album.

Some of the artists that they cover include Garth Brooks, Keith Urban, Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert, Shania Twain, Gretchen Wilson and many, many more.

The band is composed of... on lead guitar, the unmistakable talents of young Wally Peterson, whose guitar playing will blow you away. On drums, Danny Lefebvre who has been playing in clubs and venues since the age of 13 and never misses a beat! On bass, Frank Zachary with his years of experience and great talent on backup vocals as well, knows how to keep the band in line. The only female member of the band, on lead vocals and tambourine, Brandy Diabo, has been performing for years and has the voice that will change the way you listen to music. Finally, on male lead vocals and rhythm guitar, TJ Thirlwell has been performing on stage for 20 years and can really get the crowd going and knows how to make em smile!

Bring your dancing shoes and don't miss this evening of celebration!