FNHMA is pleased to offer 2 pre-conference workshops.The pre-conference workshops are not included in the conference activities. If you would like to attend one of these two workshops, you must register and pay for this separately to the conference. Please click here to download the registration form in PDF format.
1 Day Workshops - Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pre-Conference Workshop A - Use of Management Tools – Human Resources

This workshop has been cancelled.


Pre-Conference Workshop B - Performance Management
How employees perform is critical to an organization's success, yet we often fail to monitor their progress on a regular basis. Few managers have confidence in the effectiveness of their performance management system, or even have a consistent approach to performance appraisals.

And it’s not just managers who are frustrated. Employees may also be dissatisfied with a system that provides them inconsistent or unstructured feedback, often finding it ‘confusing’.

If this sounds familiar, this hands-on learning workshop is for you! In this one-day workshop, you will:
• Discuss the value and relevance of a performance management framework;
• Learn the elements of a performance management framework based on the best practices of high performing organizations;
• Go through the steps of creating a performance management framework;
• Understand the practices and processes for implementing a performance management framework;
• Explore how to overcome challenges in implementing a performance management framework.
• Take home tools to help you

A performance management framework will guide performance appraisals and will help you:
• Detect and eliminate barriers to effective performance;
• Identify issues that may cause employees to leave;
• Focus employee efforts in the right direction;
• Motivate employees to work towards important goals;
• Help employees develop skills and competencies necessary to achieve organizational objectives;
• Celebrate employee successes.

First Nations Health Managers know that monitoring employee performance and providing feedback is important. A well-designed performance management system will improve employee morale and commitment and increase your organization’s effectiveness in providing services to your community.

This is your opportunity to learn and apply best practices in performance management with a group of your peers. High performing First Nation Health Managers are already implementing performance management frameworks - Are you ready to take your organization to the next level?