Pre-Conference Workshop

Important: FNHMA is pleased to offer the following pre-conference workshop. The pre-conference workshop is not included in the conference activities. If you would like to attend this workshop, you must register and pay for it separately to the conference.

Quality. Change. Culture.
Focusing on quality improvement requires change, but what does that look like “on the ground”?

What are staff feeling and doing? What can you do to help your teams (and yourself) move through the stages of change in a good way? What role does your culture play?

This 1-day hands-on workshop will combine concepts of change management with quality improvement practices. Learning from both the workshop content and from each other, participants will:

The above activities will be accomplished through individual exercises, small group work, and large group discussions. Each participant will receive the FNHMA Accreditation/Quality Improvement Toolbox as well as handouts that can be used to guide activities back in their own organizations.

Come join us for an energetic day of sharing and learning! Click the button below to download the registration form.

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Pre-Conference Workshop Registration Form

More importantly than simply being a requirement for funding, health planning means that your programs and services will be purposely developed based on the needs of your community.However, just creating a plan is not enough…the process you use can determine whether your plan will be most effective, or not.If you want to approach health planning using a proven step-by-step process, this full-day hands-on workshop is for you!Come explore, learn, share, and practice the key steps in the process of creating an effective health plan based on community engagement.Register now for this workshop where you will leave with valuable knowledge and concrete tools to help guide you in developing your next health plan.

Lori Keith, CFNHM, Instructor, First Nations Health Managers Association (FNHMA)
Kristine Neglia, Education Specialist, First Nations Health Managers Association (FNHMA).