Cultural performances

Jennie & Amena Photo

Jennie Williams and Amena Harlick, Inuit Throat Singers

Jennie and Amena have been performing Inuit throat singing together for 3 years. They perform, as well as teach workshops together about throat singing and Inuit culture to Inuit women and children so that they can learn too. Both of their families come from Labrador and they are both currently living in St.John’s, Newfoundland.

Jenelle Duval

Jenelle Duval, Singer and Drummer, Eastern Owl

Jenelle Duval is a Mi’kmaw singer and songwriter from Seal Rocks, NL and a member of Qalipu First Nation. She has spent most of her career dedicated to elevating Indigenous stories in the Arts and Culture sector. Jenelle currently lives here in St. John’s with her beautiful daughter Kassidy and works in content advisory. 

Becca Sharr

Becca Sharr, Fancy Shawl Dancer, Eastern Owl

Rebecca Sharr is a passionate, proud Fancy Shawl dancer and founding member of Eastern Owl. She has always felt connected to indigenous culture and has struggled to find information related to her ancestry due to the unfortunate case of it being lost within her family. Her father refuses to talk about his Indigenous roots, but Rebecca has taken the reins to stand strong and continues to honour her true identity. She was born and raised in St. John’s Newfoundland where she grew up with a love for music. She began attending the First Light after school program at age 13, previously known as the St. John’s Native Friendship Centre, where she was introduced to the beat of the drum. She was immediately drawn to Fancy Shawl dancing, and has now been dancing at the Miawpukek First Nation Powwow every summer for the past 19 years. Her passion for music has been a great attribute to her involvement in community work, and her dedication to working with First Light for 16 years has become an important root between Rebecca and her culture.

Wapekmuin photo

Wape’k Muin (Drum Group)

Wape’k Muin (White Bear) is a pow wow drum group located in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Comprised of members from several different nations, Wape’k Muin incorporates modern and traditional elements in their drumming with a focus on Mi’kmaq songs. They take pride in bringing the traditional ways of pow wow drumming to cultures and communities all over the island. The group is inclusive and invites anyone from all walks of life to sit at the drum. 

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